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Our services

At The Webhouse we believe that a truly successful website results from doing three things well:

  • clear, professional, focused website design

  • active, ongoing website promotion, and

  • continuous, customer-driven website maintenance.

You must have good strategies in place addressing all three disciplines: if you fail to fully cover one, then the whole structure can collapse. The Webhouse can help you develop these strategies, and we can implement them effectively within your budget.

Web design

We design to impress your customers, not other designers. Our emphasis is on robustness, logic, and speed, not flashy gimmicks.

The Webhouse creates every customer's site from scratch. We do not use pre-existing templates for designs. Your site is custom designed according to your specifications along with our expert recommendations. We offer excellent quality and superior service at an affordable price.

Site promotion

"If you build it, they will come..." Sure, it might have worked for Kevin Costner, but it isn't going to work on the Web. Building a website is easy—getting customers to visit it (and buy your products) is the hard bit...

To get your website noticed, there's an awful lot of repetitive, mundane, picky hackwork to be done, and done often: search engine optimisation, search engine submission, visitor tracking, email promotions, coordination with offline marketing and promotion, reciprocal linking.

Web design is the easy bit—but without continual promotion, you may as well not have a website. At the Webhouse, we know the ins and outs of site promotion—what works, what doesn't, what annoys, what intrigues, what turns a looker into a buyer—and one of our promotion packages is sure to suit your business aims.

Site maintenance

Once your business is online, you can't just sit back and expect your customers to keep visiting. You have to give them something new and interesting every time they arrive, or they'll soon regard your site as stale, and go somewhere else.

The Webhouse offers great maintenance options that can be tailored to suit your business's needs. We can discuss your maintenance requirements with you, and come up with an economical plan that keeps your site ticking over and your customers coming back for more.


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